As Nana, my unofficial job is the family photographer. This past weekend I took nearly 200 photos of my kids and grandkids for full house of birthday celebrations. That's a lot of moments to capture! And don't get me started on taking group pictures... It takes a dozen shots to get one with everyone's eyes open and no weird faces.

So my phone is full of photos, and I recently upgraded my phone so I could have more storage space for photos. This got me thinking, is everyone else in Oklahoma maxing out their phone storage on photos?

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Recently, Mixbook surveyed various states that "phlush away memories the most." The word "phlush" means it "is the act of taking pictures or videos on your phone that you never look at again." I AM GUILTY! Like I mentioned earlier, it takes over a dozen photos to get an adequate group photo of my family. And of course I don't delete the ones where one grandkid is sticking out their tongue and one is mid-sneeze; those give me a little chuckle every now and then.

So what do most Americans do with the photos on their phone?

According to the Mixbook survey, Americans haven't looked at 55 percent of their camera roll in the last year. I have to say I'm also guilty of this. And sometimes, when I'm looking for a particular photo, I can't find it! So the next part of the survey supports that frustration because 55 percent of Americans say they've felt overwhelmed by all the photos and videos on their phone.


Now you're probably wondering how many photos you actually have on your phone...

Immediately as I was reading this survey, I looked at my phone to see how many photos I have on my phone... and I have a whopping 18,728 pictures on my phone. WOW. Then I got curious as to how many photos some of our listeners had on their phone.

In the comments, someone confessed to having over 39,000 photos on their phone. OMG. Some just said "too many!!!" And the lowest number was 735. But it looks like I'm not alone in hoarding photos on my phone!

Oklahomans rank 11th nationally for "phlusing" away memories on their phones.

So, of course, I had to go back to the survey to see what they found out about Oklahoma as a whole.

  • 84% of Oklahomans say they "phlush away" memories on their phones, which ranks Oklahoma 11th nationally
  • But unlike me with mostly family pics, Oklahomans say their pictures are mostly scenery and information
  • The average number of photos and videos on an Oklahoman's phone is 3,139
  • And this next bit of information is interesting:
    • 21 percent of respondents took photos of their pets
    • 34 percent of parents mainly have photos of their kids
    • Non-pet owners with no kids mainly have photos of scenery, which was 26 percent of respondents

Now that we've all read through this article, I think we have some bulk photo deleting we need to do on our phones.

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