We all know that Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth is a proud Okie. But did you know that every summer she hosts a Broadway Bootcamp for teenagers from across the world in her hometown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma? This year to cap off the camp, the guys pitched to do a reenactment of the Barbie's movie hit song "I'm Just Ken," and the internet is so glad this was approved.

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Watch the video below of the 'I'm Just Ken' reenactment from Kristin Chenoweth's Broadway Bootcamp!

Kristin Chenoweth's Broadway Bootcamp is a two week camp for teenagers to learn everything they need to know about the performing arts. They have workshops with top Broadway professionals, both onstage and backstage, including Kristin Chenoweth herself! The camp ends with what's called the "Kristi Awards," which is a performance put on by the campers.

One of the campers recently posted a TikTok of the guy campers rehearsing a reenactment of "I'm Just Ken," the hit original song from the "Barbie" movie sung by Ryan Gosling.

According to the TikTok, the guys requested to do the song last minute for the Kristi Awards, and we're so happy the organizers said yes.

Here's the TikTok of their rehearsal and it's already a flawless reenactment.

@stellalbine theyre just ken. #barbie #ken #imjustken #kcbbc #fyp ♬ original sound - stel

The rehearsal went viral on TikTok, and then we were blessed with the full performance! The costumes were spot-on. The pink lighting was perfect. And, of course, the guys gave an AMAZING performance, one that Ken would've been so proud of. Watch the full performance below!

@stellalbine Replying to @stel the end got cut off 😭 but enjoy! #barbie #ken #iamkenough #imjustken #kcbbc #theatre #theatrekids #broadway #fyp ♬ original sound - stel

We even got a special bonus clip from behind the scenes of the camp and how the "I'm Just Ken" reenactment came to be!

@stellalbine #stitch with @stel #greenscreen @michael #barbie #ken #imjustken #iamkenough #musical #theatre #broadway #fyp ♬ original sound - stel

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