Out of sheer boredom and desperation, I gave up trying to find entertainment on the tube last night and decided to hit play on Squid Game. I've heard about it all week, and quite frankly, being left out of the conversations up and down the hall about it only increases curiosity.

While some have complained about the words not matching the lips, Netflix has had some tremendous success bringing foreign shows to the American audience. Does anyone else remember the Spanish thriller Money Heist? It was epic, and I can't wait to see if they opt for a season three of that show.

Back on topic, Squid Game is a South Korean show that creates a really unique concept of what life will probably be like one day. That sort of future dystopian world where the difference between the haves and have-nots is so great, you have to bet your life just to get your hands in the proverbial pie.

While it seems so strange, you could totally see this being a real thing in North Korea... like the Dear Leader hosts these games for the elite there, only instead of winning a pile of money, the winner probably just gets to die last sort of thing.

It got me thinking, what if Squid Game happened here in Oklahoma? After a quick poll around the Downtown Z-Studios, here are the games they'd play if the future dystopia happens here.

Where to Find the many murals by Justin Hackney's Spreading PAINT in Lawton, Fort Sill.

If you've driven around town you've probably seen all the murals we have in Lawton, Fort Sill. If you take the time to look you'll notice that they're everywhere. We're lucky to have so many talented artists that share their work with us regularly by painting murals. One name you've probably heard before is Justin Hackney and Spreading PAINT. His work of masterful murals can be found all over town. He's done some of the very best and has painted everything from rock stars to celebrities and everything in between. He has a style all his own and has painted murals in full color, vivid transposed negative style, and in black and white. Be on the lookout for his latest mural masterpiece he's going to keep painting them so long as people want them and there's wall space. Looking forward to seeing his next one! Check out the gallery below of Justin Hackney's Spreading PAINT murals and where to find them. We'll continue to add to the gallery as he paints them.

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